The Scheduler – Final Idea of Team 2

We’re thinking of designing an app called “Scheduler“. Read our user stories below to get an impression of its functionality:

Dorothy (a master student) is studying for an upcoming exam. She opens the Scheduler App and sees that she has to learn for another 40 minutes until she has a 2 hour break. Additionally she can see that 2 of her friends (who are also learning and using the App) will have their break as well, so they arrange to have lunch together.

Dorothy studies in the universities library. She is stuck on subject and needs help. She opens the Scheduler and sees that one of her friends is studying the same subject and is only one floor below. She walks to her friend who can assist her with her problem.

Peter (the A-level student) got the dates for his final exams, but he is not sure how to organize his learning schedule. He opens the Scheduler and enters his exam dates and an approximate amount of learning effort (e.g. in hours) he wants to invest for each subject. The App creates a Schedule according to his daily routine (e.g. how early he wakes up, lunch time, …), that also takes best practices for learning into account. The next day his learning schedule starts. The App reminds him and supports him to organize his learning session.


The “Scheduler” will have a timer showing the time left to study/until a break starts to motivate the user. We’re still discussing plenty of other features as well. In the end we’ll have to decide upon a limited number of features to make our app not to complicated but comprehensible and easy to use.

Everyone using our “Scheduler” will get more organized, forget about the meaning of procrastination and will be able to spend more time on fun stuff as studying periods are used more effectively then ever before!


Idea – check!

Team 2 agreed to design an mobile application, which helps students and pupils to learn – the “scheduler”. It will make it easier for them to structure their learning days by creating an own learning schedule and defining learning aims. The users will study bit by bit until they reach their goals for the day/week/month.

Further information will maintain in secrecy … for now 😉


Welcome to group 2 blog!

it’s just the first week for some of you…

Till now we were busy with administration stuff, like opening the groups accounts and this blog.

We are hoping to talk with all of you soon.

Also we want to wish us all good-luck in our project!

Have a great week!