Fresh and new screens for the mockup

Hey everybody,

We sketched 6 new screens for the mockup,

we think the concept of the idea is much more brighter and focused now..

what is left to do is mainly the process of opening new task.

hope you’ll like it,

Hadar and Yasmin.


for the rest of the screens use the gallery:


Schedule Mockup – updates

Hey Everyone,

Hadar and I worked very hard trying to sketch the mockup to its full. During our work we had to deal with many issues that arose only during the sketching. Some of them even contradict the basic goals of the idea.

for example:

as we discussed in the meeting room, the scheduler was supposed to create automatic schedule for the student. This, may cause for unwanted scenarios that will probably hurt the learning process. to be more specific:

– there are may problems with setting automatic schedule. First of all, the app cannot be “aware” to other constraints the user has already created in other schedules (Outlook etc.)

second, we cannot assume that we know the user and his preferences for managing his learning process. learning is something very personal, and there are many considerations in planning it. While some students will rather to learn more “lite” materials first, other will prefer to start with subjects they hate or maybe in subject they feel they need to invest more time in learning them. In any case, the student must be well informed and to have the feeling that he can control his own learning.

to conclude, our first conclusion is:

the scheduler cannot create automatic schedule for the student. the student must be involved in creating it manually.

More problems we had to deal with are:

1. the scope of the project – there are many processes that need to be planned:

– creating new task

– moving one task to other sub task

– deleting task

– editing task

– changing the duration of the task (which might cause to move the following tasks) – it’s very complicated to plan this functionality because, again, we cannot do it automatically. the student must be aware to any changes in his learning sequence.

we are aware of the fact that we develop “agile” product, but in this case it’s not appropriate.

2. Gamification – the last thing we want is to create antagonism to the scheduler. “hating scale” or the “worst student” are very negative and depressing ideas. we thought a lot about other concepts, but they are not clear enough, and that leads us to other problem:

3. the connection between the learning processes and the social sphere:

these are very different fields. we had to think how to link between them in a way the learning won’t be harm.

there are many unresolved questions. for example:

when will the user be able to see his friends schedule? always? only when he is on a break?

what are the actions he could do while viewing his friend schedule? asking to learn together?

asking for help via chat? just viewing? send him notification that he is on a break too? and most importand, how  it all compliments the concept of managing the learning process.

if we say the app should help the student to stick to his schedule it’s one thing.

if we want to help the student plan his breaks so he’ll be able to hang out more with his friends – it’s another thing.

to stitch these 2 concepts together is a lot of work (in planning it and ofcourse in developing it).

our second main occlusion is that the social issues are not focused enough. the app deals with many many issues, but it is not clear to which direction we want to lead it, and we must do so:

– we must understand if we wish to compete with outlook, with google calendar and other great tools for planning tasks (and we guess the answer is no..), or if we want to focus on the “learning status” of friends…

as for what we already done beside thinking about the saying above:

– we created new concept of the home page. we thought it will be much better if the student could see his nearest deadline tasks in a list view instead of a calendar view.

the result is a bit new concept that expresses the ideas that we have discussed in the last meeting. we are hoping you will like it.

we are here for any question, and hope to get this solve as soon as possible,

Hadar and Yasmin.

Welcome to group 2 blog!

it’s just the first week for some of you…

Till now we were busy with administration stuff, like opening the groups accounts and this blog.

We are hoping to talk with all of you soon.

Also we want to wish us all good-luck in our project!

Have a great week!