Continuos competitor analysis – part 3

The final time period is coming for our project. And during my research for competitors, I found a really strong competitor: Producteev. When I installed the application on my phone I realised  some similarities between our app and producteev. The application has a lot of other functions, that’s why I focused just on the creating tasks function, which is most similar to ours.

When you create a task, you have a few options to edit the task. I.a. you can add subtasks, set the priority and set the deadline.That were features we were thinking about to add in our app as well, but we didn’t ’cause of the short time period we had.

Also in producteev you can set an alert, when the task is coming close to the deadline. We don’t use this tool, because in our application the user pushes a button, when he starts to work on a task and finish it. That means our application is interactive and doesn’t just collect tasks. Instead of an alert for deadline, we have an alert which reminds for breaks. The user can choose how often he wants to take breaks in our app ( every hour, every 2 hours, etc.).

What the producteev has just as us, is that you can connect with facebook to share your tasks. Sadly I can’t check it out how it works, because I can just download a beta version of producteev. 😦

But shortly summarized what this application doesn’t have, but we have:

1) Break reminder

2) Medals (gamification aspects are totally missing in producteev)

3) Option to say, where you are right now (context aspects – you could put it in your task)

4) Tip of the day (learning aspect)

5) Button, to tell the application, whe I finished and when I started the task (being interactive all the time)

Maybe it is also the automatically Connection with Facebook, but as I mentioned above, I can’t test it in producteev :(.

So, I will continue searching for Applications, which consists one of the features above – but they seem to be unique :).


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