Fresh and new screens for the mockup

Hey everybody,

We sketched 6 new screens for the mockup,

we think the concept of the idea is much more brighter and focused now..

what is left to do is mainly the process of opening new task.

hope you’ll like it,

Hadar and Yasmin.


for the rest of the screens use the gallery:


5 responses to “Fresh and new screens for the mockup

  1. Peer review from Team 13

    Look & feel of the app is very attractive. It seems a good idea altogether.
    Having tabs on the left side is a very good idea. It helped in keeping the looks simple yet elegant &
    gave a general easy to use impression for the app.

    Friends option is very good & innovative. It will redefine the learning experience as discussion among friends on a learning topic will be fun & simultaneously knowledge enhancing.

    Few points not clear from the interface.
    I’m studying now option comes automatically when a user has scheduled his learning time ?
    If it comes automatically then probably it does not serve a proper purpose because if the user due to any reason may not be able to start studying at that time & may not even check his phone to edit it in that case app will automatically continue running & update as user has studied for that number of hours which may be misleading & lead to mismanagement of the schedule.

    It is not clear whether percentage shown is the amount of work already done or the amount remaining or the amount of time spent or remaining.

    Altogether great work. Congrats!

  2. Dear Team 2,
    as you don’t have your presentation online yet, I will comment on this post and refer to the recording of the presentation you held.

    As I pointed ou in the first presentation, we do like the idea of a somehow automated learning scheduler. But I fear, you will run out of time for the final prototype. Youe already pointed out some important obstacles in your presentation:
    – complexity
    – schedule creation
    – gamification
    – learning aspect

    You will need right now to focus on one key feature and try to develop it for your final prototype. In your last presentation I missed your social aspect, the idea of sharing calendars and maybe getting recommendations of learning together. This would also be some kind of context orientation (definately when the app brings together people who are learning at the same time in the same area). ut if you didn’t get deeper into this aspect yet, you’ll have to go with a function that you already are clear about.

    So please: FOCUS and start coding!

  3. Hi, please delete my previous comment, I meant:
    Manoveg, this is very good feedback for team 2. Team 2, will you also post your slides from the FSLN12 meeting in Adobe Connect?

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