Continuos competitor analysis – part 2

I checked out the competitors again.. and found two further apps, which seem to be similar to our app: thats the first one. 🙂 Thats the similarest one I could find . . I downloaded the demoversion on my phone and tried to check out how this application works.. on the first view it seems really complex.. you can add terms, courses and events..  At first you create a term, then you create the courses which belongs to this term and then and you create the events which belongs to the course..  and then he puts the appointments into a calender.. What we have as our USP is here that this app has no option to connect with your freinds and to check the appointments.. Additionally there seems not to be an automatic option, to generate a scheduler which fits to the deadlines.. 🙂 you just add  in the classbudy application your appointments and the application gerenates it into the calendar.. a bit similar to google calenders, but with adding more details.. Our idea was it that the user can add just the tasks with deadlines etc. and thne the scheduler creates the best plan for the user..  even our main USP – the social option is not possible to find here 🙂

Also it exist this application: is especially for students. But our USP connected with the task manager, I wasn’t able to find.. So we seem to be special 🙂


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