The Scheduler – Final Idea of Team 2

We’re thinking of designing an app called “Scheduler“. Read our user stories below to get an impression of its functionality:

Dorothy (a master student) is studying for an upcoming exam. She opens the Scheduler App and sees that she has to learn for another 40 minutes until she has a 2 hour break. Additionally she can see that 2 of her friends (who are also learning and using the App) will have their break as well, so they arrange to have lunch together.

Dorothy studies in the universities library. She is stuck on subject and needs help. She opens the Scheduler and sees that one of her friends is studying the same subject and is only one floor below. She walks to her friend who can assist her with her problem.

Peter (the A-level student) got the dates for his final exams, but he is not sure how to organize his learning schedule. He opens the Scheduler and enters his exam dates and an approximate amount of learning effort (e.g. in hours) he wants to invest for each subject. The App creates a Schedule according to his daily routine (e.g. how early he wakes up, lunch time, …), that also takes best practices for learning into account. The next day his learning schedule starts. The App reminds him and supports him to organize his learning session.


The “Scheduler” will have a timer showing the time left to study/until a break starts to motivate the user. We’re still discussing plenty of other features as well. In the end we’ll have to decide upon a limited number of features to make our app not to complicated but comprehensible and easy to use.

Everyone using our “Scheduler” will get more organized, forget about the meaning of procrastination and will be able to spend more time on fun stuff as studying periods are used more effectively then ever before!


3 responses to “The Scheduler – Final Idea of Team 2

  1. Hi Team 2, thank you for posting the summary of your idea. I like how you integrated context into your concept (e.g. user story “Dorothy”). However it seems to me it is more a productivity tool than a learning application at the moment. For a mobile learning application you need to think about intended learning outcomes. For example, if the intended learning outcome of using this application would be to become better organised (supporting self-organisation, time management), then you will have to think about how you are going to assess learning progress and outcomes. Also what are the gamification elements supporting learning? I am looking forward to your elaborated idea!

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  3. Dear Team 2,
    I am really really looking forward to this app and play around with learning schedules. I mean, you could, and there’s the first question, use this app also for planning your learning of new subjects for your personal “lifelong learning”, right? Meaning: will you be able to add working hours and such? Will the app also take into account that you most likely had a certain cognitive and maybe physical workload during that and plan the break before starting to study accordingly?

    This question generally leads me to the question I already mentioned feedback during the presentation in the group meeting: Where will the app know the “right” learning frequencey and lengths from? There are many theories that try to give you the right answer, but in the end it’s all rather individual, isn’t it? Or will the schedule be based on the users input, i.e. “I usually learn 1 hour and then make a break of 10 minutes”, or so? Wouldn’t that result in many user prompts for so many different informations that the app would need in order to schedule the user’s learning activities?

    I like the idea of shared learning schedules. There are many possiblities to use that information. Great. But, do you want to incoporate a kind of network within the app? Will people communicate via the app or just see other persons’ calendar and then use their already established communication channels?

    How do you want to “update” the location of the user? Is this done by user input or will the app update the users position automatically? Keep in mind that this is a privacy related issue.

    And most importantly: I am looking forward to your UI, as I think there might be some tricky parts, like comparing schedules and especially the “motivating” part, where the user is notified of i.e. the end of a break and so on.

    Sooo, please, go go, and produce this great app, we all want it! 🙂

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